Sponsorship Benefits

Why be a Sponsor?

  • Dragon Boat racing, the ultimate team sport, is growing exponentially in corporate and community centres world-wide
  • Annual growth rate of 30 – 40%
  • Fantastic scope for corporate team building and promotion
  • Untapped and uncluttered community marketing opportunity
  • Extremely high on the “Fun, Friendship and Fitness” scale
  • Visually spectacular, exciting split-second finishes
  • Personal satisfaction; great corporate team development
  • Support key community objectives

Association with a positive local community development programme – Proceeds from this event will be turned back to the people of the Carleton Place area through support of  a variety of local organizations facilitating the active participation of various community groups in the Festival.

Support the work of local charities and non-profits – As a good corporate citizen, you value the ways that these groups and service clubs benefit your community.

Involvement of your company and employees in community building – Develop a sense of belonging/ownership in a major community activity for your firm and its personnel.

Association with a popular summertime recreational event for the people in your communityThe Festival has the potential to become a family fun day for everyone. It will help to make the Carleton Place area a better place to be and to live.

Publicity – There will be various promotional opportunities within the scope of this event.

Market Exposure – There is the potential for 46+ teams plus the attendant support, as well as a large number of spectators at the Festival to receive your message (over 1500 people in total). These teams will be from Carleton Place and the surrounding area, with some teams coming from other areas of the province, Montreal and the Outaouis.